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The "Zak&Wowo" sunglasses originate from an inspiring collaboration with the namesake animated film and Syrus Media. Unveiled with splendor at the Cannes Film Festival, they immediately captured the attention and admiration of numerous actors, standing out for their prestige and exceptional design.

The design of the "Zak&Wowo" sunglasses pays homage to their cinematic inspiration, blending playful aesthetics with sophistication. Their construction incorporates a mix of Havana-colored acetate, palladium-plated metal, and blue gradient lenses, highlighting meticulous attention to detail and uncompromising quality. These sunglasses transcend the mere fashion accessory to become an expression of luxury and history, reflecting the fun spirit and adventure of the "Zak&Wowo" film.

Becoming part of the JAUPIN community immerses you in a world where each creation celebrates art, innovation, and exceptional craftsmanship. The "Zak&Wowo" sunglasses are not just a tribute to creative collaboration and cinematic storytelling; they are an invitation to wear a piece of art, to collect a slice of history that blends luxury with whimsy.

Every JAUPIN collection comes from a unique inspiration and the handcrafted workmanship underscores the architectural obsession and detail of each frame.


Zak&Wowo sunglasses are available in a limited edition.

One more time it will be the perfect blend of modernity, luxury and uniqueness. 

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