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A Recognized Visionary in Design

Jérôme Aupin is the founder and creative soul behind the JAUPIN brand, renowned for its unique character and innovation in design. Originating from Paris, his passion for design transcends the creation of mere products; it is a relentless quest to push the boundaries of creativity and excellence.


Frequently sought after by numerous celebrities, Jérôme Aupin is recognized for his avant-garde approach, thus demonstrating the impact and resonance of his creations in the luxury world and beyond.

jerome aupin best eyewear designer master artisan craftsman
jerome aupin design craftman workshop handmade process

A Career Path Marked by Excellence and Diversity

Jérôme Aupin's journey in the design world began at an early age, fueled by an insatiable curiosity and a fervent desire to create something exceptionally unique. A graduate as an optician and crowned with the title of "master artisan," he has worked in a jewelry workshop for the most prestigious luxury brands such as Cartier and Chanel.

His self-taught journey and ability to innovate led him to establish JAUPIN, a brand that embodies his vision of design: products that are not only aesthetic but tell a story, creations that inspire and endure.

A Revolution in Eyewear Design

JAUPIN is not just a brand; it represents a revolution in eyewear design. Each creation carries a part of Jérôme's story, his dreams, and his aspirations. This unique journey and his expertise in the field of eyewear have allowed him to be selected as a designer for several eyewear brands, thus affirming JAUPIN's uniqueness.


The brand's commitment to innovate, challenge conventions, and offer designs that set new industry standards captivates a demanding and diverse clientele.

jerome aupin artisan design eyewear lunette sur mesure fait main paris dubai
jerome aupin meilleur artisan lunetier glasses maker crafting eyewear

Towards the Future: JAUPIN, An Essential Brand in Eyewear

Jérôme Aupin's commitment to excellence and innovation continues to guide JAUPIN towards new horizons. Determined to continue this adventure, he explores new possibilities, embraces challenges, and continues to offer unique designs that enchant and inspire the world.


JAUPIN thus asserts itself as an essential brand in the global eyewear design landscape, promising to continue to dazzle with its originality and uncompromising quality.



Fathi BALQEES   15.6M

24K GOLDN jaupin sunglasses, bespoke eyewear paris dubai

24K GOLDN    1M

Mohamed Ramadan Sunglasses JAUPIN

Mohamed RAMADAN   27.1M

LANA SCOLARO sunglasses jaupin pool

Lana SCOLARO    2.2M

Cardi B sunglasses JAUPIN Iris Limited dedition

CARDI B     168M

JBALVIN J BALVIN wearing jaupin sunglasses

J BALVIN     51.5M

JOEY STARR JOEYSTARR NTM jaupin lunette de soleil luxe sur mesure fait main


CAMILLE LELLOUCHE lunette de soleil tournée theatre

Camille LELLOUCHE    2.8M

Kourtney Kardashian sunglasses jaupin tokyo small glasses

Kourtney KARDASHIAN 224M

Kourtney Kardashian matrix sunglasses tokyo japon

Kourtney KARDASHIAN 224M

Annabella Hilal sunglasses

Annabella HILAL    4M

karina zhosan wearing spinelle sunglasses luxe

Karina ZHOSAN    1.8M

Morgen shtern.jfif

Morgen SHTERN    7.4M

Natyashba sunglasses blue hair matrix futuristic triangle


supreme vincent faudemer jaupin collaboration partnership hype hypebeast

SUPREME    13.2M

FORBES MAGAZIN jaupin lunettes publication magazine
GQ MAGAZIN sunglasses jaupin
L'EXPRESS MAGAZIN jaupin sunglasses bespoke on measure
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