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bespoke eyewear bts handmade process


Custom-made glasses that are tailored to the unique specifications and preferences of the individual wearer. Unlike off-the-shelf eyewear, which comes in standard sizes and designs, bespoke eyewear is crafted from scratch to fit the precise measurements of the wearer's face and to reflect their personal style.

Each pair is unique, like you.

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step 1 bespoke eyewear process

Your initial consultation for a bespoke pair of glasses begins with precise measurements of your face to ensure perfect fit and comfort. Following this, a detailed conversation with our designer takes place, where you'll explore your personal style, preferences, and the message or impression you wish the glasses to convey to others. This exchange is crucial for the designer to understand your vision and infuse it into the creation of your unique eyewear, making the piece a true reflection of you.

2 days

step 2 bespoke eyewear process

At the second meeting, the designer showcases a variety of prototype frames tailored to your specific dimensions, inviting you to try them on. This step ensures the chosen shape and size resonate with your personal style. Following this, a collaborative session unfolds where every nuance of your glasses is selected — from the incorporation of metal accents and sculpting facets for depth, to selecting engravings, materials, and hues. This meticulous process guarantees the creation of eyewear that is not merely an accessory but a personalized artistic expression.

2 weeks to 2 months

step 3 bespoke eyewear process

Your final appointment for the delivery of your glasses takes place in the presence of the designer, who personally adjusts your glasses to ensure a perfect fit, comfort, and aesthetic. This meticulous final touch guarantees your eyewear not only meets but exceeds your expectations, marking the culmination of a truly bespoke creation process.


different color of acetate of cellulose, buffalo horn, raw genuine material for eyewear eyeglasses glasses sunglasses natural


Cellulose acetate, derived from cotton, stands out in the luxury world for its unique blend of natural elegance and limitless creativity. This material presents a vast palette of colors, enabling personalized expressions of exclusivity. Opting for cellulose acetate means choosing sustainable luxury, superior quality, and distinctiveness that appeals to aesthetes seeking uniqueness.


Buffalo horn frames, celebrated for their uniqueness and tactile softness, showcase a spectrum of natural colors from translucent to deep brown. This 100% natural material combines lightness and durability, requiring specialized craftsmanship for shaping. Each pair is distinctive, ensuring not only exceptional comfort due to its compatibility with all skin types without causing irritation but also timeless elegance that stands out in the luxury eyewear domain​


Opting for silver or gold in your eyewear is a choice that elevates your style with a touch of timeless elegance and luxury. Silver brings a classic shine that adds sophistication to any look, while gold, in either 14 or 18 carats, offers a rich luster that signifies both prestige and durability. These metals are not just about visual appeal; they symbolize a heritage of quality and craftsmanship, making them the ideal selection for discerning individuals who seek eyewear that stands out from the ordinary.


At JAUPIN, we enrich our eyewear with diverse ornaments like mother-of-pearl, leather, enamel, and fabrics or more..., blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative designs for a unique, sophisticated look. Each material is carefully chosen to add a special touch of elegance and personality to our creations, ensuring every piece stands out as a statement of style.

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