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What do I need to order?

f ordering prescription items, you’ll need to have a prescription specific to the item you’ve selected. (A prescription for eyeglasses cannot be used for contact lenses and vice versa.) Here are a few more specifics for each order type:


Prescription glasses or sunglasses: You’ll need a valid eyeglasses prescription (meaning: it’s not for contacts, it hasn’t expired, and all values are visible) and your pupillary distance (PD). Your PD is the distance in millimetres between your pupils, and helps us center your prescription correctly in your frames. If your doctor did not include your PD on your prescription, you can stop by our retail stores where our trained associates can measure your pupillary distance (PD).

  • Once you have your PD, you can either hand-write it onto the copy of your prescription before scanning or submit the measurement to from the email address used to place your order.

What if I need to change my order?

We process orders quickly, but we’ll do our best to accommodate any changes. The best way to change or cancel an order is to call us at +971 58 850 6578

Does JAUPIN offer eye exams?

If ordering prescription items, you’ll need to have a prescription specific to the item you’ve selected.

We do not offer eye exams. If you visit our store, we will be able to verify if need to change your prescription and visit a doctor. Prescription Check is not a comprehensive eye health exam and it isn’t meant to replace visits to your eye doctor. It’s important to get your eye health examined periodically even if you aren’t experiencing any vision problems, so please follow the advice of your eye doctor. Good to keep those peepers in check.

When can I expect my order?

The processing time depends on several things: the type of order, whether your order is complete (Do we have your prescription and PD?), and when you place it.

Ready to wear sunglasses are sent within 2 days. If you take order with prescription lenses, the delay will be a bit longer, time to receive your lenses and adjust them to your frame.

Bespoke and Custom Eyewear process takes between 3 weeks and 3 months regarding your design. 

What is your return policy?

We have a 30-day, return or exchange policy for our ready to wear eyewear. If you aren’t totally satisfied with your purchase, we’ll get you set up with a full refund or an exchange within 30 days of receipt. 

Worn and / or personalized products cannot be returned.

All products personalized in any way or made to custom specifications, cannot be canceled or exchanged, including without limitation, engraved products.


All sales are final, and all deposits nonrefundable.

(Note: Refunds must be credited to the original payment method.)

What type of eyeglass and sunglass lenses do you offer?

All of our eyeglasses come outfitted with the good stuff from ESSILOR.

  • Scratch-resistant treatment

    A treatment that does just what it sounds like. 

  • Anti-reflective coating

    We apply a coating that does double duty: It eases eye strain by reducing reflections and eliminates glare from your lenses.

  • Superhydrophobic coating

    “Hydrophobic” describes something that does not like water. Our lenses are superhydrophobic which means they repel moisture to help prevent smudging. (Because smudges are the worst.)

  • UV protection

    Our lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. (Protect those peepers.)

You have any request ? We will assist you, contact us

What’s the best way to clean my lenses?

You can rinse your lenses with a mild dish soap and lukewarm water, and dry them with a soft cloth. For day-to-day cleaning of light smudges, a few swipes of the lens cloth included in your case should do the trick. Please be careful to avoid using hot water on your lenses (especially if they are high-index lenses), as they can develop bubbles or cracks when exposed to high heat.

If you are close to our workshop, come visit us, we will take care of your glasses.

What warranty do you offer

We are proud to offer our customers a one-year warranty on all our ready to wear frames and two years for bespoke frames against manufacturing defects. If your frame purchased from us breaks or shows a defect within this period, we are committed to replacing it free of charge. This warranty is a testament to our confidence in the quality of our products and our commitment to your satisfaction.

Please note that this warranty does not cover losses, theft, or damages resulting from misuse. We advise our customers to take good care of their glasses to ensure their longevity.

Same for your lens. Any default during the first year we will replace them. (scratch are not covered by the warranty) 

At JAUPIN, we are dedicated to providing not just quality products, but also exceptional customer service. This warranty is our promise to support you throughout your experience with our products.


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Can I speak with someone about my order?

Of course! We’re here to help from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m UAE, every day of the week.


Here’s how to get in touch:

Whatsapp : +971 58 850 6578

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