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fond lunette rimless cartier sunglasses diamond cut buffalo horn wood street jewelry


fond lunette rimless cartier sunglasses diamond cut buffalo horn wood street jewelry vvs ice

In the atelier of a master artisan, the Aventurine eyewear is born - a symbol of opulence and excess, deeply rooted in the vibrant ethos of hip-hop culture. This rimless model, a luxurious fusion of acetate, rose gold, and diamonds, embodies the spirit of a genre that has always celebrated the grandeur and flamboyance of life. Through the artisan's meticulous craftsmanship, acetate and rose gold are transformed into an extravagant statement, with diamonds that catch every flicker of light, symbolizing wealth and lavishness.

Inspired by the Aventurine stone, known for its shimmering beauty and the luck it is said to bring, the eyewear captures the essence of hip-hop's boldness and its celebration of success. The stone's signature green, a color of prosperity and growth, mirrors the ambition and daring of those who choose to wear this model. The Aventurine eyewear is not just a piece of luxury; it is a bold declaration of a lifestyle that embraces the richness of life and the relentless pursuit of greatness.

This masterpiece transcends the realm of accessories to become a multidimensional expression of art, where every detail is imbued with a sense of opulence. With JAUPIN, step into a future where elegance and excess are not just embraced but celebrated, and each creation tells a story of meticulous craftsmanship and visionary design, marking every wearer as a connoisseur of the finer things in life.

Crafted with unmatched precision and meticulous attention to detail, the Aventurine eyewear showcases a rimless design, masterfully constructed from the finest Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate. The frame, a delicate structure of 18k rose gold, is lavishly adorned with white diamonds, set to showcase the largest stones possible, radiating a brilliance that captures the essence of luxury. The artisan's skilled hands meticulously shape every curve and contour, elevating the fusion of metal and gemstones into a wearable masterpiece that epitomizes the pinnacle of opulence.

Adorning these spectacles, wearers make an unequivocal statement of flamboyance and individuality, embracing the extravagant spirit of hip-hop culture. Each piece serves as a testament to the wearer's boldness, a nod to the limitless potential of design that transcends the ordinary. The Aventurine eyewear is not just a vision of luxury; it is a reminder of the boundless creativity and craftsmanship that drive us toward a future where design and opulence converge in the celebration of excess.

fond lunette rimless cartier sunglasses diamond cut buffalo horn wood street jewelry vvs ice rapper

This masterpiece, the Aventurine eyewear, dazzles from every perspective, marrying its intricate rimless design with the radiant glow of carefully selected diamonds. It transcends the realm of mere eyewear, evolving into a multidimensional art form that unveils layers of luxury and craftsmanship with each viewing. Step into the future of opulence with JAUPIN, where the boldness of hip-hop culture fuses with unmatched elegance.

In a commitment to authenticity and innovation, each Aventurine piece is meticulously equipped with a microchip for authenticity verification. This cutting-edge feature ensures that every pair of eyewear is as unique and timeless as a work of art, offering wearers not just a statement of luxury, but a guarantee of genuine craftsmanship and exclusivity. Embrace this pinnacle of luxury, where every detail, down to the embedded microchip, speaks to a world where innovation and extravagance dance in perfect harmony.

fond lunette rimless cartier sunglasses diamond cut buffalo horn wood street jewelry jewel ice gold

Frame :

Material : Acetate, Rose Gold 18k

Lens : Gradient Blue Cat2 Intern Antireflection     

Eye Size : 58mm

Bridge Width : 17mm                           

Temple Length: 145mm

Gems :

96 brilliant-cut white diamonds (~4.23 ct.)

Each frame is numbered and microchipped.

Customisation (lens, engraving...) available to order.



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