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Luxurious rimless cartier glasses diamond cut
Gold diamond sunglasses french handmade
lorgnette luxurious glasses theater vintage old school folding glasses gold and diamonds

At JAUPIN, we blend exceptional craftsmanship with the art of design to create more than just luxury eyewear. Each piece is a testament to our passion for exclusivity and innovation, meticulously handcrafted from the finest materials. These are not mere accessories; they are unique, numbered pieces of art, inviting you to not only wear them but to collect a slice of history.

jerome aupin designer eyewear maitre artisan lunette artist designer

A visionary and exceptional artisan, masterfully redefining elegance in the realm of eyewear. His dedication to pushing the boundaries of design transforms each pair of glasses into a testament to innovative elegance, spotlighting their unique talent in shaping the future of luxury eyewear.

crafting eyeglasses workshop handmade
crafting eyeglasses workshop handmade gold and diamonds diamant
crafting eyeglasses workshop

Embark on a journey of customization with JAUPIN. Collaborate directly with the designer to craft your exclusive, bespoke eyewear. Your vision, our artistry.

ByJ-designer eyewear eyeglasses sunglasses factory

Collaborative - Ready to collect

Modele iris sunglasses limited edition luxury
iris limited edition sunglasses diamond cardi b j balvin
limited edition black sunglasses gold diamonds spinelle
Spinelle sunglasses limited edition gold diamond luxe
zak and wowo logo
wowo character
zak&wowo sunglasses animation movie

Step into our world and discover the daily rhythm of JAUPIN. Follow us behind the scenes to witness the dedication and artistry that go into creating each piece of our exclusive eyewear.


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