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JAUPIN IRIS DROP JBALVIN jaupin ramadan cardi b excluvie sunglasses handmade

JAUPIN Eyewear has created a beautiful design with an eye-catching futuristic appeal for the ultimate high fashion finish. The metal frame with precious metal plating in 24k platinum features a rimmed style set with 38 precious stones . The end tips sublimate this modern and stylish touch with the set of a luxurious black Swarovski stone. 


wearing  "IRIS"

Mohamed Ramadan Sunglasses clip paris dubai JAUPIN
JBALVIN J BALVIN sunglasses jaupin Bespoke eyewear dubai paris luxurious sunglasses handmade jewlery diamonds on measure IRIS DROP exclusif
Cardi B sunglasses JAUPIN Iris Limited edition sunglasses with diamonds
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